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With all our culinary excellence and superb service, in recent years we have been included in various restaurant guides that describe the best restaurants in Slovenia.


When you step through our door, you step into the seafood restaurant, through which you walk to a wonderful garden surrounded by old trees. With us, the hustle and bustle is instantly forgotten. In the restaurant, you will always be greeted by friendly staff under the watchful eye of Mateja, who is writing her culinary story with the help of her family and an excellent team. Our philosophy is that only the best is good enough, which has been our guiding principle since the very beginning of this creative journey. The restaurant offers a unique selection of different combinations of fish dishes, a tasting menu, specialties from dry-aged fish, and a large selection of wines from the best Slovenian and foreign winemakers, as our cellar currently has 180 different labels.
We have immense respect for our environment and do everything we can to sustain it. We have a green key certificate. Green key certified establishments meet a set of high standard environmental requirements and Slovenia Green Cuisine sustainability label, part of wich we are offering fresh, local ingredients.
With all our culinary excellence and superb service, in recent years we have been included in various restaurant guides that describe the best restaurants in Slovenia.

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Restavracija TABOR Podbrezje

Dry-aged fish

Come and experience dry-aged fish in our restaurant and see for yourself how tasty, soft and juicy they are.
Umami is a Japanese word that means good and delicious. Dry-aged fish are exactly that: good and delicious, as they have a delicate and aromatic taste.
Despite being a relatively new innovation for most countries around the world, dry-ageing fish has been part of Japanese tradition for centuries. There are different ways to dry-age fish, some techniques using salt or baking soda to reduce moisture, whilst others involve a controlled, low-humid environment designed for this specific purpose. Yet, in all cases, the fish have to be scaled and thoroughly cleaned before put through the dry-ageing process.
The precise dry-ageing period entirely depends on the size of the fish. Small fish are typically dry-aged for a few days whilst larger cuts – including salmon and bluefin tuna – need around two weeks to dry-age properly.
Apart from being the best way to preserve fish, dry-ageing also enhances its flavour and consistency. This technique strips the fish of any excess moisture and breaks down the proteins, giving it a more buttery texture. Furthermore, the flavour molecules are released during the ageing process, essentially adding complexity of flavour.

Tasting menu

“The tasting menu offers a true sea show of Adriatic catch under the Gorenjska mountains, which rewards the sea “classic” in an original and creative way with fermented vegetable peels, miso surprises, sweet-sour-hot contrasts and skilful chef attacks on the sanctity of sea freshness, which proves that kitchen with the right ideas and knowledge is not only a logistical intermediate station between the fisherman and the eater, but a creative place in which the author adds maturity to the innocence of the fish.”
Rating for by Uroš Mencinger 💛💛💛

Our tasting menu is never the same (similarities can happen), because the chef prepares it based on the inspiration he gets when he sees which fresh fish was caught in the morning and brought to our kitchen.

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